IE hover problem

This short and sweet walk-through will guide you on how to solve IE’s hover problem,  pretty much most of the browsers now are compatible with this pseudo tag from CSS , but guess what? not IE I guess they don’t care too much about this, but trust me when you’re done with your website and everything seems to work on firefox  (which is also your engine in safari) and then your client uses ‘Internet Explorer’ it will throw you out of your seat when you get that annoying call about something’s not working or layout’s off . General rule of thumb is to make sure that your apps or web site is cross-browser compatible.  Anyway, here it is, your hover solution for IE.

What you need

  1. A file called which you can download here
  2. put it on your assets directory or apps_theme wherever your CSS file is located
  3. then add the following code below on your default.css (or whatever your default file is
/*ie fix*/
behavior: url(;

And there you have it, easy fix. So next time you’re working on a:hover don’t forget to include this file to cover all grounds.