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Search Engine Optimization is no easy task, preparation for SEO is important, I always have a checklist of things that needs to be addressed. One of the things that I tackle first is the analysis of website, there are FREE tools that you can take advantage of when doing this. And here is a couple I enjoyed using , one is the seomoz and the other is seobook any of these sites will give you a running start on a particular website.

So what do I do with the data? the next step is to gather all data that you have generated through those tools and come up with the priority list of actions, what needs to be done first, second and so on. The most obvious one is the Meta tags, Headers and Image titles, I would normally organize them into the easiest way to more advance changes such as adding pages and content enhancements.

Once you’ve done all these, you would have to setup (if you haven’t yet) your google analytics, this will measure your page spike and monitors it 24/7, once this is all modified based on the priority changes that you made then you can relax and watch it progress, you can have a report sent to you everytime you hit a certain number of visits.

Normally, it takes about 2-3 weeks to see the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, this allows google to index on the new changes that you made and all the new keywords.

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Google CSE for Business

Here is a quick information I found for Google CSE for business for only $100.00/Year;

Platforms: all Internet-accessible web servers indexed by the Googlebot

Price: free versions
with advertising and limited customization. Note that non-profits, government sites and universities can use this version without advertising on request.
Paid versions:
many more options, no advertising, $100 per year for up to 5,000 pages, $500 per year for up to 50,000 pages (limited to 250,000 queries per year) and $15,000 per year for up to one million pages. Other configurations available from Google Sales


* Finding Content
o Can include multiple sites (unlimited pages in the non-business version)
o Only those pages within the Google search index are available, no promises about additional indexing.
o No access to pages secured by passwords or other access control.
o Updates to new versions of pages when the Google search index updates (no daily or weekly updating).
o Powerful robot crawler can handle most kinds of links

* Indexing
o Handles file formats: HTML, XML, text, PostScript, RTF, PDF, Lotus, MacWrite, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
o Excellent character set and language recognition for best tokenization
o Does not store the contents of meta tags or page properties.

* Querying
o Defaults matching all words in the query, case-insensitively
o Uses the Google query language, including Internet Query Operators – (minus) and “” (quotes) , along with OR and various field names and other parameters.
o Optional Safe Search for eight languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Traditional Chinese)
o Light pluralization using an internal wordlist rather than stemming

* Retrieval
o Retrieves all matching pages (though the CSE doesn’t say how many that is)
o Shows spellchecker “did you mean?” for misspelled and mistyped words, but they may not have any match on a particular site or set of sites, so it can be a dead end.
o Search results can have “Refinements”, zones based on URLs which appear as links along the top of the results
o Search Suggestions appear using the “subscriptions” mechanism, which is quite poorly documented

* Relevance
o Relevance ranking uses all the Google algorithms, including PageRank
o Adjusting relevance weight can only be done via an XML “background label” and “boost” process

* Results UI
o Default looks like the Google web search results.
o Can display interface in English, French, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish.
o Hides duplicate pages based on snippet similarity
o Page size and cache link seem to appear or not appear randomly
o Basic results page customization: logo, text and link colors
o Option to use JavaScript and show results in an iframe (not well documented)
o Option to request XML results and use a scripting language or presentation program to show them.

* Search Analytics and reports
o Shows traffic by hour, day, week, month or “overall” (since installing the search service)
o Shows most popular queries in the same time periods, with links to the queries and flags on no match (zero results) with details.
o Note: report periods for low-traffic search installations may end the previous Saturday, even for daily and weekly reports.

* Administration
o All admin done via web
o Option to allow “contributors” who can edit the URLs to be included or excluded, and annotate them with any refinement labels that you have created, but not otherwise change the search engine.

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Google CSE (Custom Search Engine) and SEO benefits

Have you heard about Google CSE or the Custom Search Engine? Well, it’s like having your
own google search engine inside your site. I recently installed one for our company to see if it fits
right on our websites,and I must say this is a great tool for number of reasons:

1. Well for starters, it’s like running a search engine just for your site that’s provided by the number one
search engine in the planet. Meaning, you get the right indexing and see the results that you would normally see when you go to
2. The odds are pretty good that when you don’t show up on your own custom search engine you are not going to show up in Google’s global search either.
3. It also helps you figure out how well google cse trust different pages on a site or a subset of sites, as it likely factors in link popularity and other off site relevancy measurements (not like most site search services that you pay).
4. And best of all, you can have one installed for FREE!. Just sign up for google account and you
will be given a code to paste on your pages.
5. And finally, using search results with the same format the way google has it, shows you how compelling your documents look to someone who searches your product or services from

If you wanted to know how to customized google cse based on your website look and feel there are couple ways to do it. Google provides a set of pre-defined CSS look that will fit the colors and background styles on your website.

In this next Article I will show you how easy it is to setup and customize your own google cse.